Custom made production & assembly is a traditional production program which has been the milestone of the establishment of SG strojirna s.r.o. in the last century. Custom made production of parts and components according to the customer’s documentation is a production program where SG strojírna s.r.o. offers sub-contracting possibilities to our customers. 

SG strojírna s.r.o. is able to offer custom made production & assembly thanks to the machinery equipment and qualified operating personnel. Assembly of complete machinery or technology with hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or electronical systems are standard production processes that our experienced workers can manage, install or assembly. Surface treatments and final painting are the standard procedures for the complete production.

Our supporting staff (design and pre-production departments) are equipped with modern CAD and 3D systems. The process of production is done according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 certification applied to all the production processes. Special packaging, certification of material or other special requirements are taken as a standard service to our honorable customers.

Effort, determination, flexibility and precisioness are the basic signs of SG strojírna s.r.o. production. Custom made production & assembly is the major aim of the strategy to offer to the subcontractors flexible production possibilities.

All the production processes are done according to EN ISO 9001:2001