Wood waste recycling facility

Automated technologies for recycling wood waste. Machines for chopping, grinding or grinding of wood,
conveyors ...



Company SG strojírny s.r.o.

SG strojírna s.r.o. was established in 1999 on the base of the machining shops of SOLO Sušice. SG strojírna s.r.o. continues in more than sixty-years old tradition of manufacturing machines for processing and recycling of wood waste and bark from wood-processing plants. Due to increasing interest in biofuels SG strojírna s.r.o. expands the range of standard products as well as supply of complete biomass production lines. 

SG strojírna s.r.o. applies obtained experience in processing of alternative biomass materials, too.

Production of special machines according to SG strojírna s.r.o. or customers’ documentation and service of industrial gearboxes are the branches where SG strojírna s.r.o. also operates.


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