Vibrating sorter

Vibrating sorter

The vibrating sorter is used for the separation of loose, bulk, non-adhesive and slightly abrasive materials (such as wood sawdust, chips, pellets..etc) into various chip sizes. The massive and hard steel body is made of welded profile sections and metal sheets. The sorters design allows different possibl installations in complete lines by different types of feeding of the sorter.

Machine images are only indicative.

Within the supporting frame, there is a suspended movable frame fitted with replaceable screens. The number of the screens is determined by the number of tractions into which the material should be separated.

The machine may be operated without the constant presence of operating personnel. The machine embody a low noise level therefore it is possible to install inside plants. The dust nuisance of machine is directly influenced by type, size or humidity of sorted material. The machine is not intended for outdoor operation, therefore is has to be protected against the effects of weather.

1 STERE = 0,36 (sawdust / chips) – 0,50 (slabs) CUBIC METER


Vibrating sorters can be combined with other machines for completing a line for processing / transporting of wood materials. Suitable are chippers, shredders, conveyors and other products in the offer of SG strojírna s.r.o.