Horizontal shredders

Horizontal shredders

The horizontal shredders are used for shredding of a diverse wood residue of different lengths. These shredders are able to process all kinds and types of wood to chips suitable for burning, production of MDF, OSB, chip boards or briquettes. Horizontal shredders are low-speed machines dedicated for small productions with a demand for lower capacities and lower electricity consumption.

Machine images are only indicative.

The input material is supplied to the shredder by vibrating conveyor. The input material is chipped by a rotor with blades against a stable counterblade. Chips fall below a rotor there is a sorting screen that prevents of big parts falling to further transportation. Final chip then falls below a machine where transportation is solved individually according to customer’s requirements.

The machine can operate without need of operators presence in case of installing it in a line. The machine operates on lower noise level and can be installed inside the plants. Dustiness depends on the type and humidity of the processed material. The shredder must be installed at least under the roof in order to be prevented from direct influences of weather.

1 STERE = 0,50 – 0,75 CUBIC METERS (m3)
for the following type of materials such as slabs, cut-offs