Hammer mills

Hammer mills

Hammer mills are machines that are dedicated for secondary processing of wood chips to fraction suitable for pelleting or briquetting.

Machine images are only indicative.

The machine’s construction is simple and robust. The drum with hammers, which grind the input material, rotates in a steel-sheet case. A high-quality material guarantees a long service life of hammers. The drum is supported on ball bearings and it is driven by an electromotor through a wedge-belt gear. There must be a free space under the machine because the final fraction comes through the screen on the bottom of the mill. The further transport of the final chip is recommended to be by suction system.

The machine can operate without need of operators presence. The machine operates on higher noise level. Dust level depends on the type of the processed material. The hammer mill must be installed at least under the roof in order to be prevented from direct influences of weather.

Suitable input material size is between 20 – 25 mm. The size, type and humidity of the input material influence the total output of the machine. Hammer mill is dedicated for dry chips production ONLY.

Hammer mills can be delivered with the hopper or designed according to needs of connection to previous machinery.