Biomass mixing line

Biomass mixing line

Biomass mixing line with other fuels

– vibrating conveyor
– metal detector
– wood waste chipper (drum chipper)
– bulk chain conveyor
– storage bin for wood chips
– storage bing for other fuels (coal / straw / hay)
– bulk chain conveyor

By mixing of wood chips with other biomass or fuels (hay, straw, wheat, coal…etc) there is a unique product made, which is suitable for burning process in the power stations or heating stations that use biomass for burning.

The mixing process can be adjusted according to requirements of the final material. The whole line is fully automatic and can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.

Production of wood chips line can be combined with other machines for processing / transporting of wood materials. Suitable are wood waste chippers / wood waste shredders, conveying systems, vibrating sorters, vibrating sorters – linear and other machines from the offer of SG strojírna s.r.o.

Variation of solutions / installations are always designed by experienced SG strojírna s.r.o. designers who will always put maximum effort on perfect function of the installation.