Disc Sorters Walking-Floor

Disc Sorters Walking-Floor

Walking-Floor is a system of transporting of bulk material in storage area. Continuous feeding of bulk material in biomass storages is the primary use of walking floors. Walking floors are designed to be loaded by material in order to feed continuously to other conveyors.

Machine images are only indicative.

Walking floors are hydraulic systems that operate fully automatically according to required amount of material. Walking floor is installed to steel profiles that are build in the floor of storage. The arms of the walking floor operate cyclically according to set up speed and amount of material required.

Walking floor systems operate under low noise levels with minimum requirements for service. Dustiness of the systém is individual and is influenced by type and humidity of transported material.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICAITONS are always a matter of real space, conditions and requirements of customer. The sizes and output capacity is being designed according to type of material, volume of material and requests for space.

Walking-Floor systems can even operate outside or inside based on customer’s request.

Walking-Floor for storage of wood bulk materials can be combined with other machines for completing a line for processing / transporting of wood materials. Suitable are conveying systems from the processing machines as Drum chippersWood Waste Shredders and other machines in the offer of SG strojírna s.r.o.